Basket Weavers

USA - South Carolina - Basket Weavers

Basket Weavers
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina
Many basket weavers of teh famous palmetto and pine needle baskets live in the low country of South Carolina near Boone Hall Plantation.  They are found here making and selling their varied shaped containers.

USA - South Carolina - Basket Weavers stamps

Arthur J Ravenel Jr Bridge

USA - South Carolina - Arthur J Ravenel Jr Bridge

Arthur J Ravenel, Jr Bridge
Charleston, South Carolina
Opening in 2005, one year ahead of schedule, and reaching 1546 feet over the Cooper River, the Arthur J Ravenel, Jr Bridge is North America’s longest cable stay span.  Replacing both the John P Grace Bridge (1929) and the Silas N Pearman Bridge (1966), the new bridge has 8 lanes of traffic and a 12 foot shared pedestrian and bicycle lane which overlooks the Charleston Harbor.

USA - South Carolina - Arthur J Ravenel Jr Bridge stamps

Circular Congregational Church

Circular Congregational Church

Charleston, South Carolina

‘Constructed circa 1892, this is the third church to be constructed on this site and is a National Historic Landmark.  meeting Street was named for the original building, White Meeting House, built prior to 1865.  However, it was the second meetinghouse, a circular structure designed by Charleston’s own architect Robert Mills, that gave the church it’s name.  One monument from the 17th century still remains in the city’s oldest graveyard located here.’

Church website – click here

South Carolina Map

South Carolina

The State of South Carolina – Origin of name was in honor of Charles I of England.
Nickname – Palmetto State
Capitol – Columbia
Mottos – “Prepared in Mind & Resources” and “While I Breathe, I Hope”
Total Area – 30,989 square miles

Charleston Light – Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

Charleston Light – Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

“Housed in the 163=foot triangular Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse which was erected in 1962, Charleston Light can be seen 26 miles out to sea.  The lighthouse is located on the oldest existent United States Coast Guard Station on the South Carolina coas with the dwelling, shown here, dating back to 1894.  Also featured is the Ben Sawyer Bridge which connects Sullivan’s Island to Mt Pleasant.”

 Charleston (Sullivan’s Island, New Charleston)1962. Active; focal plane 163 ft (50 m); two quick white flashes, separated by 5 s, every 30 s. 140 ft (43 m) aluminum (steel-framed) trapezoidal tower with overhanging lantern, top half black, lower half white; DCB-24 aerobeacon. The station has a historic coastal warning display tower. A photo by Henry de Saussure Copeland is at right, Mark Scott has a fine photo, Trabas has aphoto, Wikimedia has several photos, has aerial photos, the Coast Guard has a 1962 photo of the new lighthouse, and Google has a satellite view. This is the last lighthouse built by the federal government and the only U.S. lighthouse with an elevator and air conditioning. It was designed by a young architect named Jack Graham, who was serving in the Coast Guard to complete his required military service. In May 2008, the Coast Guard agreed to transfer ownership of the lighthouse to the National Park Service, which already owned the Sullivan’s Island Lifesaving Station next door. The formal transfer was made at a ceremony on November 8. The Park Service is organizing a friends group to support restoration of the building, and it hopes to open the tower eventually to the public. The 50th anniversary of the lighthouse was celebrated in June 2012. Located on I’on Avenue off SC 703 in Sullivan’s Island. Site open (free), tower closed (the base is occasionally opened); group tours can be arranged. Owner: National Park Service. Site manager: Fort Sumter National Monument. ARLHS USA-825; Admiralty J2646; USCG 3-0195. – The Lighthouse Directory.

The Ben Sawyer Bridge is a swing bridge that connects the town of Mount Pleasant with Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. The bridge swings on its central axis to open for boat traffic which is too tall to clear the bridge, and has an operator’s station in the center of the span from which an attendant can operate the bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1945,but its swing-span section was replaced in 2010, albeit retaining the same general appearance.

For more information about the bridge, click here

Life Guard Chair in Myrtle Beach

Life Guard Chair

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

French Huguenot Church

French Huguenot Church

Charleston, South Carolina

The French Huguenot Church, a National Historic Landmark, is the third church to be constructed on the site.  The first was built in 1687 and the third and last structure was completed in 1845. It was the first Gothic Revival building constructed in Charleston.  Today it is the only independent Huguenot Church in America.

Church website – click here

Civil War – Charleston, South Carolina

Civil War

Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina Map and Symbols

South Carolina Map and Symbols

Capitol ……….. Columbia

Area ………. 30,207 square miles

Statehood ……….. May 23, 1788 (8th state admitted)

Mottos ………. Animis opibusque parati (Prepared in mind and resources)

………. Dum spiro spero (While I breathe, I hope

Song ……….”South Carolina on my Mind”

State Bird ………. Carolina Wren

State Tree ………..  Palmetto

State Flower ……….. Yellow Jessamine

Palmetto Sunrise

Palmetto Sunrise

South Carolina

The Palmetto tree with crescent moon is one of South Carolina’s most popular symbols and is the design of the State Flag.  This photo was taken by Richard Bernabe.  You can see more of his work at  Richard is a professional photographer and has produced several books.

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