Chiluhy – Mayo Clinic, Gonda Building

USA - New York - Mayo Clinic Chihuly

Mayo Clinic, Gonda Building, Blown Glass Sculpture by Dale Chihuly

This sculpture incorporates 13 separate pieces, weighing 6,000 pounds.  Fragile yet commanding, fluid yet fixed, it is a signature work of art in the May Nurses Artium.  Serena  Fleischhaker commissioned the sculpture and Dale Chihuly donated time and resources to create it.

Fireplace of States

USA - Minnesota - Fireplace of States

Fireplace of States
Bemidji, Minnesota

The Fireplace of States was built in 1934-1935 by Mark Morse and originally stood in the Bunyan House.  It was moved into the new Tourist Information Center in the Summer of 1995.  The fireplace contains stones from all US States and most Canadian Provinces.

Rochester, Minnesota

USA - Minnesota - Rochester

Rochester, Minnesota
Aerial view of the southern Minnesota community
known throughout the world for its medical facilities

USA - Minnesota - Rochester stamps

Ice Fishing Shack

USA - Minnesota - Ice Fishing Shack


Minnesota Getaway
Ice Fishing Shack!

One of the states most popular winter activities is ice fishing.  Whether you sit on a bucket in the middle of the lake, or create a ‘shack’ with (almost) all the comforts of home, the goal is the same.  Come home with good memories and few fish.

(I’m sure they mean ‘a few fish’!)

Saint Paul, Minnesota

USA - Minnesota - Saint Paul skyline


Saint Paul, Minnesota

Situated along the Mississippi River, St Paul embraces its rich history while updating and adding to its list of facilities and attractions.

Lake Superior’s North Shore

USA - Minnesota - Lake Superior North Shore


Lake Surperior’s North Shore

Grand Marais Lighthouse, Aerial Lift Bridge, Gooseberry Falls State Park
Split Rock Lighthouse, Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel, Two Harbors Lighthouse

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Grand Marais (2)1922 (station established 1886). Active; focal plane 48 ft (15 m); white flash every 2.5 s. 34 ft (10 m) square pyramidal steel skeletal tower with lantern, gallery, and enclosed workroom below the lantern; original 5th order Sautter & Cie. Fresnel lens (1886, transferred from previous tower). Lighthouse painted white; lantern roof is red. Fog horn (2 blasts every 30 s). The 2-story keeper’s house (1896) is operated as a maritime museum. Mykl Roventine’s photo is at right, Anderson has a fine pagewith several photos, and has aerial photos, but the tower is not visible in Google’s fuzzy satellite view. Pepper has a historic view of the original lighthouse, a 32 ft (9.5 m) square pyramidal wood tower similar to many Canadian lights. When the breakwater was extended in 1922, the old tower was in poor condition, so it was replaced by the prefabricated steel tower that still stands. The tower is located at the end of the eastern harbor breakwater, off US 61 in Grand Marais. The breakwater is not walkable, but the lighthouse can be viewed at close range from the base of the pier. The keeper’s house is onshore at the end of Broadway. Site open, museum open daily late May to late October, tower closed. Owner: U.S. Coast Guard (tower) and Cook County Historical Society (keeper’s house). ARLHS USA-330; USCG 7-16615.

Split Rock1910. Inactive since 1969 (the light is operational; it is lit every November 10 and on other special occasions). Focal plane 168 ft (51 m). 54 ft (16.5 m) octagonal brick tower with lantern and gallery; original 3rd order Barbier Benard & Turenne bivalve Fresnel lens. The tower is unpainted brown brick, lantern black. Original brick fog signal building with two diaphone horns and three original 2-story brick keeper’s houses. Mark Schindler’s 2009 photo is above, Britten has posted two fine photos, Terry Pepper has other photos with extensive historical information, Anderson’s page also has good photos, has aerial photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a fuzzy satellite viewLighthouse Digest has a story on the historyof the light station and its 90th anniversary celebration in 2000. The keeper’s houses have been developed as a maritime museum. This is a complete, very well preserved light station, one of the best known and most picturesque on the Great Lakes. It was built after a furious storm in November 1905 led to multiple shipwrecks in the area. In 2001 the state bought adjacent land to preserve the view from the lighthouse. In 2002, a fund drive was launched to raise funds for repair of the Fresnel lens. The visitor center was expanded in 2003. In the spring of 2008 the exterior of the tower was repainted and resealed. The light is lit every November 10 in memory of the ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank in Lake Superior during a gale on November 10, 1975. Located atop a spectacular cliff, off US 61 about 20 miles (32 km) northeast of Two Harbors and 9 miles (15 km) southwest of Beaver Bay. Site open, museum (admission fee) open daily mid-May to mid-October and on weekends the rest of the year. Owner: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (Split Rock Lighthouse State Park). Site manager: Minnesota Historical Society. ARLHS USA-783.

 Two Harbors1892. Active (privately maintained); focal plane 78 ft (28 m); two white flashes every 20 s, flashes separated by 5 s. 49 ft (15 m) square cylindrical red brick tower with lantern and gallery, rising from a 2-story keeper’s house; DCB-224 aerobeacon. Lantern painted white with a red roof. The original 4th order Fresnel lens, removed in 1969, is on display at the Inland Seas Maritime Museum in Vermilion, Ohio. Original frame assistant keeper’s quarters, frame fog signal building and other light station buildings. Lighthouse Digest has an article on the history of the light station, Terry Pepper has photos and a complete account, Anderson also has a good page with several photos, has aerial photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a good satellite view. Ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the Lake County Historical Society in 1998. The main building is now operated as a bed and breakfast inn; the assistant keeper’s quarters is restored and houses a museum. Located on the point between the two harbors (Agate Bay and Burlington Bay), off US 61 in the town of Two Harbors. Site open; tower open to tours daily May through October and by arrangement during the winter. Owner: Lake County Historical Society. Site manager: Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast. ARLHS USA-861; USCG 7-16500.

-The Lighthouse Directory

USA - Minnesota - Lake Superior North Shore stamps

Minnesota Dairy Cow

Minnesota Dairy Cow

Great Lakes Lighthouses

Great Lakes Lighthouses

left to right

Marblehead (Sandusky Bay), Lake Erie, Ohio

White Shoal Light, Lake Michigan, Michigan

Split Rock, Lake Superior, Minnesota

Holland Harbor, Lake Michigan, Michigan

Charlotte Genesee, Lake Ontario, New York

Marquette Harbor, Lake Superior, Michigan

Cheboygan, Lake Huron, Michigan



Theater of Seasons

The Red Fox

The Red Fox