Meteor Lemons

USA - Z - Lemon Label

USA - Z - Lemon Label stamps

Golden Gate Bridge

USA - California - Golden Gate Bridge and Flowers

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, California


USA- California Julian Bee

Bee – Julian, California

USA- California Julian Bee stamps

Map of California

USA - California - Map


Map of California

San Francisco

USA - California - Golden Gate Bridge at Night

San Francisco, California

This is the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge at night
with the city of San Francisco in the background.

Palace of Fine Arts

USA - California - SF Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, California

American Indian Tribes of California

USA - California - Map of Indian Tribes

American Indian Tribes of California

It is estimated that 350,000 Indians lived in California before the coming of Europeans.  Here they successfully adapted to a very wide range of habitats.

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