Monument to Bandeiras ~ Brazil

Brazil - Sao Paulo - Monument to Bandieras

Brazil - Sao Paulo - Monument to Bandieras stamps

Little Insurgents in Poland

Poland - Young Insurgents

Little Insurgents in Poland 1944

The children who fought in WWII

Insurgents “Rybak” and “Kajtek”
Young Freedom Fighters Monument in Zolborz
Young Freedom Fighters Monument
Young Insurgents

Poland - Young Insurgents stamps

Burdekin River Flood Marker

Australia - Burdekin River Flood Marker

Burdekin River Flood Marker

Queensland, Australia

Australia - Burdekin River Flood Marker stamps

Stara Zagora

Bulgaria - Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Stara Zagora stamps

The New Elizabeth Bridge

Hungary - Budapest Liberty, Elizabeth Bridge

The New Elizabeth Bridge
Budapest, Hungary

More info on bridge, click here

more info on the Liberty Statue, click here

And the Liberty Statue

Germany - Regensburg Stone Bridge stamps

Tomb of Confucius

China - Confucius Tomb

Tomb of Confucius

China - Confucius Tomb stamps


Belarus - Monument

Belarus Stone

Belarus - Monument stamps

Statue of Mazu

China - Mazu

Statue of Mazu

Lin Mo Niang’s death, at the age of 29, was as remarkable as her birth.  Reaching the top of Meiyu Mountain alone, she was encircled by clouds of dense fog, and to the accompaniment of enchanting celestial music, she was carried into the heavens in a golden glow of light.

China - Mazu stamps

Murmansk Memorial Lighthouse

Russia - Murmansk Memorial LH

Murmansk Memorial Lighthouse

Murmansk Memorial Date unknown. Approx. 28 m (92 ft) hexagonal cylindrical tower with lantern and two galleries, painted with red and white horizntal bands. Anastasia Kharkacheva has a fine photo, Austin Charron has also posted a good photo, and Google has a satellite view. This lighthouse is a memorial to seamen lost at sea in the Arctic. Located high on a hill above the city, it has no navigational value, but it deserves special mention as the only lighthouse in the Murmansk area readily accessible to tourists. Site open, tower status unknown but probably open. – Lighthouse Directory

Russia - Murmansk Memorial LH stamps

The Alamo

USA - Texas - Alamo Shaped

The Alamo
San Antonio, Texas

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