Aerial View of Austria

Austria - Aerial View

From a Photo by the Sender

Austria - Aerial View stamps


Austria - Train


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Austria - Train stamps


Austria - WimbachklammWimbachklamm

Austria - Wimbachklamm stamps 2Austria - Wimbachklamm stamps 1


VW Bug

Austria - VW Bug

Austria - VW Bug  stamps

The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

Austria - Klimt - The KissThe Kiss – Gustav Klimt

Oil on Canvas – 180 x 180 CM – 1907-1908

Austria - Klimt - The Kiss stamps


Map of Vienna, Austria

Austria - Vienna Map

Austria - Vienna Map legendAustria - Vienna Map stamps

National Park Hohe Tauern

Austria - Osttirol, Tirol


National Park Hohe Tauern


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Austria - Osttirol, Tirol stamps of netherlands

Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Austria - Bad Tatzmannsdorf


Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

Austria - Bad Tatzmannsdorf stamsp

From a Postcrosser in Russia


Austria - Maria-Luggau




Maria Luggau is the religious center of the valley and a popular and well beyond the borders of Carinthia also known place of pilgrimage.

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Austria - Maria-Luggau stampsAustria - Maria-Luggau stamps of Finland

From a friend in the Netherlands

365 Sleeps

Austria - Happy Birthday


Nur noch 365 mal schlafen und schon hast Du wieder Geburtstag!

Only sleep 365 times already and you have birthday again!

Austria - Happy Birthday stamps

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