The Marriage of Rigault d’Oureille and Catherine de Rance

USA - Z - French Tapestry

The Marriage of Rigault d’Oureille and Catherine de Rance
Detail, French, ca 1476, wool
Virgina Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond


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Pentagon and Washington DC

USA - DC - DC and Pentagon

Pentagon (Virginia)
View of Washington DC

USA - DC - DC and Pentagon stamps

New Cape Henry Lighthouse

USA - Virginia - New Cape Henry Lighthouse

New Cape Henry Lighthouse

 Cape Henry (2)1881. Active; focal plane 164 ft (50 m); three flashes every 20 s: two short flashes followed by one long (7 s) flash; red sector covers dangerous shoals. 164 ft (50 m) octagonal cast-iron-clad brick tower, original 1st order Fresnel lens. Unusual daymark: alternating black and white vertical bands; lantern is black. The 2-story brick principal keeper’s house and two 1-1/2 story wood assistant keepers’ house buildings are all standing; one is currently in use as an Army residence. C.M. Hanchey’s photo is at right, has aerial photos, and Google has an aerial view. In 2001, the Coast Guard conducted a test of fuel cells as the lighthouse energy source. In late 2005, the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (now Preservation Virginia) announced it was seeking an agreement with the Coast Guard to manage and interpret the light station; this could lead to opening the tower and keeper’s houses to the public. So far no agreement has been obtained. Located across the street from the old tower (see previous entry). Site and tower closed, but the lighthouse can be seen at close range from the old light. Owner/site manager: U.S. Coast Guard. ARLHS USA-121; Admiralty J1408; USCG 2-0370. -The Lighthouse Directory

Rockfish Gap

USA - Virginia - Blue Ridge Pkwy Rockfish Gap

Rockfish Gap
Blue Ridge Parkway

From its genesis at Rockfish Gap, the parkway meanders through the Blue Ridge Mountains for 355 miles before passing through the Black Mountains, the Great Craggies, the Pisgahs and the Batsaths, and into the Great Smokies.

Blue Ridge Parkway

USA - Z - Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

The knock-sown gorgeous National Scenic Byway is 469 miles of great roads
and fantastic scenery from North Carolina all the way through Virginia

Old Rag Mountain

Old Rag Mountain

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

“The impressive profile of Old Rag Mountain dominates the view to the east near the center of this park.  Visitors driving along Skyline Drive at sunrise may see the craggy granite mountain outlined against a rose/red horizon.”

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Map of Virginia

Map of Virginia

VIRGINIA was named after England’s Queen Elizabeth I, the virgin queen.  Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in 1607.  Nicknames:  Mother of Presidents and The Old Dominion.  State Song:  Carry Me Back to Old Virginia.  Statehood:  June 25, 14788.  Area:  40,815 square miles.

Civil War Virginia

Civil War Virginia

Virginia saw the first major land battle of the Civil War in Manassas, July 21, 1961 and four long, tragic years later, Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox, April 9, 1965.  Of the war’s thousand battles, skirmishes and engagements, sixty percent were fought in Virginia.

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse was the first lighthouse authorized by the first U S Congress.  Build in 1791, it lighted the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay until 1881.
Owned by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities as deeded in 1930 by the Congress of the United States.

1792 (John McComb). Inactive since 1881. 90 ft (27.5 m) octagonal sandstone tower with lantern and gallery. Tower unpainted; lantern is silver-colored.  This is the first lighthouse built by the Federal government and one of the best preserved lighthouses of the early Federal period. Recognized as a National Historic Landmark. The interior was restored in 2002. In 2003 the eroded sandstone foundation of the lighthouse was repaired. In August 2011, an earthquake created some cracks in the tower, but engineers determined they were not serious. Located on Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, surrounded byFort Story, an active U.S. Army post.

It was replaced by the New Cape Henry Lighthouse very close by.

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