Little Insurgents in Poland

Poland - Young Insurgents

Little Insurgents in Poland 1944

The children who fought in WWII

Insurgents “Rybak” and “Kajtek”
Young Freedom Fighters Monument in Zolborz
Young Freedom Fighters Monument
Young Insurgents

Poland - Young Insurgents stamps

Merry Christmas

Poland - Christmas

Merry Christmas from Poland

Poland Folk Motifs

Poland - Folk Art Images

Folk Motifs of Poland


Poland - Folk Art Images Eps


Poland - Folk Art Images stamps

Steam Engine Parade

Poland - Steam Train Wolsztyn

Steam Engine Parade

Poland - Steam Train Wolsztyn stamps

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Poland - Christmas


Poland - Christmas stamps 1Poland - Christmas stamps 2

Rozewie Lighthouse

Poland - Rozewie Lighthouse

Rozewie Lighthouse

second copy

Poland - Rozewie Lighthouse stamps

Katowice by Night

Poland - Katowice at night



Building is currently used as a high schoolPoland - Katowice at night stamps

Archcathedral Basilica Saints Peter and Paul

Poland - Archcathedral St Peter & Paul

Archcathedral Basilica Saints Peter and Paul
Poznan, Poland

Poland - Archcathedral St Peter & Paul backPoland - Archcathedral St Peter & Paul stamps GremanyGerman stamps


Poland - Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz, Poland

Poland - Bydgoszcz stamps

Elblag Townhall

Poland - Elblag TownhallElblag TownHall, Poland

Poland - Elblag Townhall stamps


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