Coastal Landscape

USA - Mississippi - Coastal Landscape #2

Coastal Landscape #2, Picture #2
Painting by Patt Odom
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Scarlet Sails Festival

Russia - Scarlet Sails Festival

Scarlet Sails Festival on the Neva River

Russia - Scarlet Sails Festival stamps

Fishing Boat

Taiwan - Tamsui Fishing boat

Fishing Boat
Tamsui, Taiwan

Taiwan - Tamsui Fishing boat stamps

Fisherman’s Village, Lithuania

Lithuania - Fishermen's Village

Fisherman’s Village at the Curonian Spit National Park


Lithuania - Fishermen's Village stamps

Boats in Jashanmal Gulf

Kuwait -Jashanmal Gulf


Boats in Jashanmal Gulf, Kuwait

Turkey - Interior of Hagia Sophia stamps from Kuwait

Notre Dame and Paris Canals

France - Paris canal

Paris et ses Merveilles
Le cote sud de la cathedrale Notre-Dame vu du port Montebello

Paris and its Wonders
The south side of the cathedral Notre-Dame view of Montebello Port

France - Paris canal stamps

Boats in Hong Kong Harbor

Hong Kong - Boats art card

Boats in Hong Kong Harbor

From my correspondent:  “When I was small, there were still quite a number of people living on boats, just like the boats you can see in the postcard.  Some people couldn’t even go to the land, especially women, because they were Taiwanese or Filipinoes, marrying these Hong Kong fishermen.  Now, most of them are legal and have documents.  These boats are now disappearing.”

Hong Kong - Boats art card stamps

Hong Kong - Boats art card gift cardEnclosed gift card


Germany - Kiel

Kiel, Germany

Germany - Kiel stamps

Canals in Holland

Netherlands - Canals

Canals in Holland

Netherlands - Canals stamps


Ireland - Sailboat

Ireland - Sailboat stamps

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