Dragon on the Wall of Sajongjon Hall

Taiwan - Dragon on wall of Sajongjon Hall

Dragon on the Wall of Sajongjon Hall
Kyongbokkung Palace

Taiwan - Dragon on wall of Sajongjon Hall stamps

Haw Par Villa – Dragon World

Singapore - Dragon World

Haw Par Villa – Dragon World
A boat ride that takes visitors inside this dragon’s mouth to the 10 courts of hell

Singapore - Dragon World stamps

Year of the Dragon

Australia - Year of the Dragon


Australia - Year of the Dragon back

Australia - Singer Sewing Machine stamps

Dragon Card

China - Dragon Card

China - Dragon Card stamps

Year of the Dragon

Canada - Year of the Dragon


Canada - Year of the Dragon stamps


USA - Z - Dragon Art



This dragon watercolor is done on tissue paper and the sender
purchased it from a street vendor in Japan.


Habanera Soltera Dance

Philippines - Habanera Soltera Dance

Habanera Soltera Dance
A dance is performed by the bride-to-be and her close friends at the traditional social gathering on the ever of the wedding.  On this occasion, the bride bids farewell to the state of single-blessedness.

Philippines - Habanera Soltera Dance stampswonderful Dragon Stamp!

Year of the Dragon

Canada - year of the Dragon and stamp


Year of the Dragon
Card and Stamp of Canada

Dragon Constellation

China - Dragon ConstallationDragon Constellation


Spinning and Weaving on Kihnu

Estonia - Fiber ArtistsSpinning and Weaving on Kihnu Island, Estonia

UNESCO proclaimed Kihnu’s cultural space and traditions as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 7, 2003. The Baltic islands of Manija and Kihnu are home to a small group of traditional people. For many years, the men of Kihnu have been frequently gone to sea while the women ran the island and became the guardians of the island’s cultural heritage, which includes handicrafts, dances, games and music. Music is an especially important part of the island’s traditions, and accompanies handicrafts, religious feasts and other celebrations. Ancient runo-styled songs are also important, as are traditional clothings adorned with decorations and bright colours that symbolize ancient legends and poems. The people of Kihnu speak a dialect of Estonian which is sometimes considered as a distinct language.

Estonia - Fiber Artists stamps

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