Virginia State Monument – Gettysburg

USA - Pennsylvania - Gettysburg - Virginia Memorial


Virginia State Monument
Gettysburg National Military Monument
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Virginia State Monument – dedicated in 1917 by the state of Virginia, it includes and excellent statue of General Robert E Lee on his horse, Traveller.  General Lee is the only Confederate officer with a statue.

Pennsylvania Amish Country

USA - Pennsylvania - Amish Country


Pennsylvania Amish Country

USA - Pennsylvania - Amish Country stamps 1USA - Pennsylvania - Amish Country stamps 2

USA - Pennsylvania - Valley Forge


Valley Forge National Historic Park, Pennsylvannia

Today this 3,500 acre National Historic Park is a hallowed reminder of the struggles of the Americans of those times.  Visitors coming to experience Revolutionary War hisrory also find a half dozen hiking trails of varying terrain and topography with long vistas of this rolling Chester County countryside.

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Presque Isle Lighthouse

USA - Pennsylvania - Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse
Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

Constructed in 1872, the Presque Isle lighthouse
is the second American lighthouse built on Lake Erie

 Presque Isle 1873. Active; focal plane 73 ft (22 m); white light, 3 s on, 3 s off. 67 ft (20.5 m) square cylindrical brick tower rising from a 1-1/2 story brick keeper’s house. 300 mm lens. Tower painted white, lantern and gallery black. The keeper’s house is a residence for the state park manager. A photo appears above, Jimmy Emerson has a good 2008 photo, the Ricos also have a nice page for the lighthouse, Bill Britten has an excellent closeup photo, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a satellite view. The Coast Guard has historic photos taken before and after the height of the tower was increased by 33 ft (10 m) in 1896. Presque Isle is a large sand spit projecting toward the northeast and protecting Erie Harbor; the entire spit is now included in a Pennsylvania state park. There is a historical exhibit outdoors near the lighthouse. In 2006 a new preservation organization, Keepers of the Erie Lights, launched a fundraising drive to restore the grounds and rebuild outbuildings. The Pennsylvania legislature approved a vanity license plate featuring the lighthouse; $17 from the sale of each plate goes toward the restoration effort. A 2007 architectural study estimated that a complete restoration of the building would cost about $880,000. In 2011, there was a plan for a more limited restoration that would cost $450,000, but no funds were available. In December 2012 Portia Norton, a local resident, donated $196,348 to establish an endowment fund for the lighthouse and the nearby Perry Monument. Located on the beach in Presque Isle State Park (end of PA 832). Site open, tower closed. Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Site manager: Presque Isle State Park. ARLHS USA-666; USCG 7-3690. – The Lighthouse Directory

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Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania


Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania

Shade Gap, Knox, Academia, Martin’s Mill

Schenk’s Mill, Packsaddle Doc Miller, Bailey, Turner’s

“Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania was the birthplace of the covered bridge in the US and had the prototypes of most of the significant truss designs.  Pennsylvania still has more covered bridges, over 200, than any other state in the country.”

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Constructed between 1732 and 1756 as the State House for the Province of Pennsylvania, Independence Hall is world famous as the building in which independence was declared, a successful revolution was directed, and the US Constitution was written.  It is truly the birthplace of the United States of America.

The Duquesne Incline

The Duquesne Incline

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh’s Duquesne Incline carries passentgers along a 793-foot track to a height of 400 feet above the city.  The incline, opened for public use in 1877 is operated today by The Society for the Preservation of the Duquesne Heights Incline

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Martin’s Mill Covered Bridge

Martin’s Mill Covered Bridge

World Guide #38-28-01

Built in 1849, Martin’s Mill Covered Bridge is constructed of the “Town Latice Truss” system.  The bridge is located southwest of Greencastle over Conococheague Creek. Pennsylvania has the most covered bridges in the United States.



The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which means “Penn’s Woods”, is also known as the Keystone state, for its central positions in the original 13 colonies.

Pennsylvania Map

Pennsylvania Map Card

The Keystone State

State of Independence

State Bird:  Ruffed Grouse

State Flower:  Mountain Laurel

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