Hello, Black Sheep

Japan - Hello Black Sheep

Hello, Black Sheep, Have you any wool?

Japan - Hello Black Sheep stamps

Fukukenjaku Kannon

Japan - Fukuukensaku Kannon

Fukukenjaku Kannon

Todai-ji, Nara, Japan

The Fukukenjaku Kannon in the Sangatsu-do of Todai-ji stands 12 feet high. It dates to 746 and is made of dry lacquer. The Kannon is flanked by Nikko (right) and Gakko (left) – see previous page. This form of Kannon has eight arms. The statue bears a rather alarming expression for such a compassionate being.

“Fukukenjaku” means “never empty lasso.” It refers to the coil of rope which the Kannon holds in one of his lower arms (viewer’s right). Kannon uses this rope to catch straying souls and lead them to salvation. The lasso is found in other multi-armed forms of Kannon as well.

Japan - Fukuukensaku Kannon stamps

Temple Gates

Japan - Gates to Kendo Sensei

Temple Gates

Japan - Gates to Kendo Sensei sent from Russiasent from Russia

Gion Matsuri

Japan - Gion Matsuri Kyoto

Gion Matsuri in Kyoto (Kyoto Gion Festival)
This parade of the festival carts called “Yamaboko” is held on 17th of July and the most picturesque of all festival attractions in Japan.

Japan - Gion Matsuri Kyoto stamps

Mount Fuji

Japan - Mt Fuji aerial

Fujisan – Sacred Place and Source of Artistic Inspiration
Registered on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2013

Japan - Mt Fuji aerial stamps

The Imperial Palace

Japan - the Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace
Main Gate Stone Bridge
which is in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Japan - the Imperial Palace stamps

Lake Mashu in Winter

Japan - Lake Matsu Winter

Lake Mashu in Winter

Japan - Lake Matsu Winter stamps

Lake Yunoko

Japan - Lake Yunoko

Lake Yunoko
Nikko, Tochigi

Japan - Lake Yunoko stamps


USA - Z - Dragon Art



This dragon watercolor is done on tissue paper and the sender
purchased it from a street vendor in Japan.



Japan - Goldfish


Japan - Goldfish stamps

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