Ponte Sant’ Angelo

Italy - Sant' Angelo Bridge


Ponte Sant’ Angelo and Castel Sant’ Angelo

Germany - Regensburg Stone Bridge stamps

Castle Sant’ Angelo

Italy -Castle Sant' Angelo

Castle Sant’ Angelo
Rome, Italy
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Mailing a Letter

Italy - Vintage Motorscooter


Italy - Vintage Motorscooter stamps

Garda Lake – Toscolano Maderno

Italy - Lake of Garda

Garda Lake – Toscolano Maderno

Italy - Lake of Garda stamps Germany

Milan, Italy

Italy - Milan

Italy - Milan stamps

Piazza Castello

Italy - Torina Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello
Torino, Italy

Italy - Torina Piazza Castello stamps

St Mark’s Square

Italy - St Mark's Square

St Mark’s Square

Italy - St Mark's Square stamps

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