Navidad Mexicana

Mexico - Christmas tradition


Navidad Mexico

Mexico - Christmas tradition sent from USSent from the US

Metropolitan Cathedral

Mexico - Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral
Mexico City, Mexico
The Metropolitan Cathedral whose construction lasted three centuries of the Spaniard domain, presents the most predominant styles of that age in the penninsula.  Its construction began in 1572 and finished in the year 1821

Mexico - Metropolitan Cathedral stamps

Doors of Campeche

Mexico - Campeche Doors


Doors of Campeche
To understand the beauty of the city of Campeche, it is necessary to observe the great richness of designs and colors in the doors of the houses, which inhabitants diligently care providing a beautiful architectural landscape.

Mexico - Campeche Doors stamps

Huichol Yarn Painting Christmas Card

Huichol Yarn Painting

Christmas Card

Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklorico ~ Mexico

With great enthusiasm, the couple dances to the music of the Mariachis