Hong Kong - Guizhou lecture ad front

Hong Kong - Guizhou lecture ad back

Hong Kong - Guizhou lecture ad stamps

4-H Lamb Day

USA - Iowa - Chand Champion Lamb

Grand Champion Lam – 4-H Lamb Day
Henry County, Iowa
Photo by A M ‘Pete’ Wettach

Working with Goat Hair

Bulgaria - Working with Goat Hair

Workshop for Goat’s Hair Products
first half of 20th C
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies Ethnografi Museum

Bulgaria - Traditional Embroidery stamps

Little Insurgents in Poland

Poland - Young Insurgents

Little Insurgents in Poland 1944

The children who fought in WWII

Insurgents “Rybak” and “Kajtek”
Young Freedom Fighters Monument in Zolborz
Young Freedom Fighters Monument
Young Insurgents

Poland - Young Insurgents stamps

Church of Our Lady

Germany - Church of Our Lady Dresden

Church of Our Lady – Dresden Frauenkirche
Dresden, Germany

Built 1726-1763 – destroyed during WWII
Built in the 18th century, the church was destroyed in the bombing of Dresden during World War II. The remaining ruins were left as a war memorial, following decisions of local East German leaders. The church was rebuilt after the reunification of Germany. The reconstruction of its exterior was completed in 2004 and its interior in 2005. The church was reconsecrated on 30 October 2005.

Germany - Church of Our Lady Dresden stamps

Holiday Wishes

Hong Kong - Christmas Card

Hong Kong - Christmas Card stamps

Scarlet Sails Festival

Russia - Scarlet Sails Festival

Scarlet Sails Festival on the Neva River

Russia - Scarlet Sails Festival stamps

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