Tuberculosis Huts

USA - Kentucky - Mammoth Cave NP TB huts

Tuberculosis Huts in Mammoth Cave National Park

“One can hardly imagine a more dank and gloomy place in which to recuperate from a deadly disease, yet Dr. Croghan believed the cave’s constant 54-degree temperatures could cure consumption, an illness we now call tuberculosis. The doctor had 11 huts built inside the cavern and 15 patients moved in. Dr. Croghan’s “consumptive colony” was a dismal failure. Two patients died within the first year, all 15 got worse, and Dr. Croghan himself died from tuberculosis in 1849.

“The remains of Dr. Croghan’s “consumptive cabins” can be seen while touring the cave. In front of one of the cabins is a slab of stone upon which the bodies of the dead tuberculosis patients were placed before they were removed from the cave. They call it Corpse Rock. Some say, if you listen long enough, you can hear coughing in this section of the cave.”

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Callao Cave

Philippines - Callao Cave Church
Callao Cave

It is found in Penablance, Cagayan, the care has seven chambers and each chamber is 100 meters by 50 meters and 36 meters high.  The cave is also rich in guane, a fertilizer useful to farmers.

This is a church in this chamber.

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Biyak na Bato National Park

Philippines - Biyak Na Bato

Biyak na Bato National Park

This is the place where President Emilio Aguinaldo signed the pack of Biyak na Bato with the Spanish Governor General in 1897

The network of caves were used by the revolutionaries as a hideout and the stuggle for Independence was strong.

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Wind Cave

Malaysia - Wind Cave


Wind Cave
Mulu National Park, Malaysia

Mulu National Park website 

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Nativity Scene – Great Onyx Cave, Mammothe Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park

Nativity Scene, Great Onyx Cave

A popular formation also referred to a “Madonna Enthrowned”, the Nativity Scene is a highlight of the Great Onyx Cave Tour.

What a beautiful sight!  From a favorite pen pal.

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Lava River Cave

Lava River Cave

Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

The Lava River Cave near Bend, Oregon is part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, which is managed by the United States Forest Service. The cave is an excellent example of a lava tube. At 5,211 feet (1,588 m) in length, the northwest section of the cave is the longest continuous lava tube in Oregon. While the cave’s discovery in 1889 was officially credited to a pioneer hunter, the presence of obsidian flakes near the cave has led archaeologists to conclude that Native Americans knew about the cave long before settlers arrived in central Oregon.  – Wikipedia