Historic Drury Dam

USA - Kansas - Drury Dam


Historic Drury Dam
Chikaskia River, Sumner County, Kansas

Milo Field and Rainbow in Kansas

Milo Field and Rainbow in Kansas

Milo is a grain sorghum with slender, juicy stalks having small heads that produce large yellow or whitish seeds.  Milo is used for both grain and forage.  The rainbow appears over a milo filed in Ottawa County, Kansas.

Barn in Trego County, Kansas


Trego County, Kansas

The Oregon Trail


The Oregon Trail

Heritage of the West

Lewis & Clark expedition of 1804 paved the way for the westward exodus of an estimated 300,000 pioneers by wagon train along what became known as the Oregon Trail.



Kansas – Honey Bee

Kansas Honey Bee

Apis mellifera

Cowley County

The official state insect of Kansas, the honey bee, was brought by settlers to North America in the 17th Century.  

Today these bees are used to pollinate crops and to produce honey.

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