Working with Goat Hair

Bulgaria - Working with Goat Hair

Workshop for Goat’s Hair Products
first half of 20th C
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies Ethnografi Museum

Bulgaria - Traditional Embroidery stamps

Traditional Embroidery of Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Traditional Embroidery

Traditional Embroidery of Bulgaria
Lovech Region

Bulgaria - Traditional Embroidery stamps

Happy Birthday!

Bulgaria - Happy Birthday

Bulgaria - Happy Birthday stamps

Stara Zagora

Bulgaria - Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Stara Zagora stamps

Bulgaria – Land of Roses

Bulgaria - Land of Roses

Bulgaria – Land of Roses

Bulgaria - Land of Roses backBulgaria - Land of Roses stamps

Traditional Dress of Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Traditional Dress


Traditional Dress of Bulgaria
Gathering Roses for Rose Oil

Bulgaria - Traditional Dress arMPA

Rogozen Treasure


Rogozen Treasure

“Thracian treasure from V-IV Century BC, including 165 silver and gilded vessels,(108 phiales, 54 jugs and 3 goblets) of total weight of 20kg
Small jusg decorated with a scene of a lion attacking a doe is silver gilt.”

20 kg = 44 pounds

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