Hello, Black Sheep

Japan - Hello Black Sheep

Hello, Black Sheep, Have you any wool?

Japan - Hello Black Sheep stamps

Sheep on a Hill

Netherlands - Sheep on a Hill

Netherlands - Sheep on a Hill stamps

4-H Lamb Day

USA - Iowa - Chand Champion Lamb

Grand Champion Lam – 4-H Lamb Day
Henry County, Iowa
Photo by A M ‘Pete’ Wettach

Working with Goat Hair

Bulgaria - Working with Goat Hair

Workshop for Goat’s Hair Products
first half of 20th C
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies Ethnografi Museum

Bulgaria - Traditional Embroidery stamps

Traditional Embroidery of Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Traditional Embroidery

Traditional Embroidery of Bulgaria
Lovech Region

Bulgaria - Traditional Embroidery stamps

Knitting Continental

Russia - Knitting



Knitting Continental

Russia - Knitting stamps


Russia - Fabrics

Russia - Fabrics stamps

The Marriage of Rigault d’Oureille and Catherine de Rance

USA - Z - French Tapestry

The Marriage of Rigault d’Oureille and Catherine de Rance
Detail, French, ca 1476, wool
Virgina Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond

Eyelet Lace

Netherlands - Lace

Eyelet Lace

Netherlands - Lace stamps

Greetings from Estonia

Estonia - Traditional Clothes and Huts

Traditional Farm and Tradtional Clothing and Embroidery

Estonia - Viimsi Open Air Museum stamps

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