High Water in Piazza San Marco

Italy - Venice - High water at St Mark's


High Water in piazza San Marco
Venice, Italy

Italy - Venice - High water at St Mark's stamps

The Tall Ship

Russia - St Petersburg - Neva River Tall Ship
The Tall Ship
at Sts Peter and Paul Fortress
Neva River, St Petersburg

Russia - St Petersburg - Neva River Tall Ship stamps

Dromedary Camels at Guelta Archei

Switzerland - Camels


Dromedary Camels
Guelta Archei, Sahara, Chad


Switzerland - Camels stamps


Russia - AnnaAkinina - Coziness


Anna Akinina

Russia - AnnaAkinina - Coziness stamps

Tulips at Table Cape

Australia - Tasmania - Tulips Sheep LH


Tulips at Table Cape
Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia

Tulip Fields – Sheep at Pasture – Table Cape Lighthouse
How perfect!

* Table Cape1888. Active; focal plane 180 m (590 ft); two white flashes every 10 s; red flashes are shown east and west indicating shallow water close to shore. 25 m (82 ft) round brick tower, painted white. An unusual “flyover” gangway provides access to the tower. The keeper’s houses were demolished in 1926. David Boon’s photo is at right, Barry Polden has a fine 2011 photo, an April 2007photo is available, Wikimedia has a 1948 historic photo, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a satellite view. The tower was renovated and the lantern rebuilt by AMSA in 1979. This historic lighthouse is a well known landmark on Tasmania’s north coast. It is so high, its light is sometimes obscured by low clouds. In May 2008, the Waratah-Wynyard Council appropriated A$185,000 for improvements to allow public access to the lighthouse, and negotiations with a commercial operator were underway. Located on the cape about 8 km (5 mi) north of Wynyard. Accessible by a gravel road; parking available. Site open, tower closed. Operator/site manager: AMSA. ARLHS AUS-157; Admiralty K3532; NGA 6984. – Lighthouse Directory

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Australia - Tasmania - Tulips Sheep LH stamps


Australia - Seagull

Matching Card and Stamp – special issue


France - Carcassonne


Carcassonne, France

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France - Carcassonne stamps


Switzerland - Rheinuferstrasse


Rheinuferstrasse, Switzerland

Switzerland - Rheinuferstrasse stamps

Old City Hall of Minsk

Belarus - City Hall Minsk painting


Old City Hall of Minsk, Belarus

Recently reconstructed from the original plans

Belarus - City Hall Minsk painting stamps

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania - Vilnius


Vilnius, Lithuania

Church of St Peter and St Paul, National Museum of Lithuania, Cathedral and Bell Tower, Gedimino Street, madonna of Ausros Gate, Chruch of St Anne, Ausros Gate, Building of the Higher and Lower Castles.

Lithuania - Vilnius stamps

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