Scarlet Sails Festival

Russia - Scarlet Sails Festival

Scarlet Sails Festival on the Neva River

Russia - Scarlet Sails Festival stamps

Fort Worth, Texas

USA - Texas - Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas

Xilingxia Gorge

China - Hubei Three Gorges of Yangtze

Xilingxia Gorge

Hubei – Three Gorges of the Yangtze River

China - Hubei Three Gorges of Yangtze stamps

The Platte River

USA - Nebraska - Platte River

The Platte River – Nebraska

Each year the world’s largest concentration of sandhill cranes (some 500,000)
gather on the Platte River “STAGING AREA” during their northward migration.

Canal in China

China - Canal


China - Canal stamps

Pasture Painting of Cornelis Jetses

Netherlands - Painting Cornelis Jetses


Pasture Painting of Cornelis Jetses

Netherlands - Painting Cornelis Jetses stamps

Little Hauken River

USA - New Jersrey - Little Hauken River

Little Hauken River
New Jersey

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