Happy Barn!

Canada - Fun Barn


Canada - Fun Barn stamps

Tobacco Barn

USA - Maryland - Tobacco Barn

Tobacco Barn
Tobacco curing in barns is a common sight through the tobacco belt
extending from southern Maryland to North Carolina

USA - Maryland - Tobacco Barn stamps

Winged Barn

USA - Tennessee - Winged BarnWinged Barn
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A large cantilevered barn shelters a wagon in Cades Cove.  In the 1800s such barns were built to hold tons of hay in the loft and to shelter cattle and other livestock down below where they could mill about without bumping into posts.

Ohio Pasture

USA - Ohio - Barn and Cows

Beautiful Ohio farmland is some of the nation’s most picturesque.

USA - Ohio - Mechanicsville Covered Bridge stamps

Round Barns of Indiana

USA - Indiana - Round Barns

Round Barns of Indiana

USA - Indiana - Round Barns stamps

Old Barn

USA - Nebraska - Barn
Old Barn in Nebraska

Barn in Finland

Finland - Barn

Barn in Finland

Finland - Barn stamps

Autumn in Finland

Finland - Autumn


Autumn in Finland

Finland - Autumn stamps

USA - Indiana - Barn Billboard


Barn Billboards – Indiana

USA - Indiana - Barn Billboard stamps

Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonia - Tallinn - Open Air Museum


Estonian Open Air Museum
Well and Cattle Shed (Barn)

Estonia - Tallinn - Open Air Museum stampsMagnificent Dragon Stamp!

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