Cat in the Window

Cat in the Window





At the Sea ~ Netherlands

At the Sea


Trudging Through Grassland

Trudging Through Grassland

Artist:  Shi Baolin

Height 34 cm, width 62 cm

Exhibition:  Bayi Building

The Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army passed through the vast and sparsely populated grasslands of northwest Sichuan Province in August 1935.  This panorama piece shows the Red Army trudging through the grassland.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana during her Royal Tour of Hong Kong 1989

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Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary

Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary

Minsk, Belarus

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Gathering Flowers ~ Moomin

Gathering Flowers ~ Moomin

Fall Vineyard, Napa County

Fall Vineyard

Napa County, California

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Father Frost

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