Frankfurt and Kaiserdom

Germany - Frankfurt and Kaiserdom

Frankfurt and Kaiserdom (Emperor’s Cathedral)

Germany - Frankfurt and Kaiserdom stampssent from Romania

Putna Monastery

Romania - Putna Monastery

Putna Monastery

Romania - Putna Monastery stamps

Târgu Mureş

Romania - Targu Mures


Târgu Mureş

Romania - Targu Mures stamps

The Village Museum in Bucharest

Romania - The Village Museum


The Village Museum
Bucharest, Romania

19th C Interior

Romania - The Village Museum stamps


Romania - Bucharest Multi


Bucharest, Romania
The Palace Auditorium — The Central University Library
The Romanian National Museum of Art

Romania - Bucharest Multi stamps

Romanian Children in Folk Costume

Romania - Children in Folk Costume


Romanian Children in Folk Costume

Romania - Children in Folk Costume stamps

Women of Orăştie

Romania - Women c 1900


Women of  Orăştie
Romania, c 1900
Photo by Leopold Adler

Romania - Women c 1900 Stamps

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