Mount Egmont/Mount Taranaki and Cape Egmont Lighthouse

New Zealand - Mount Egmont and Lighthouse

Mount Egmont/Mount Taranaki and Cape Egmont Lighthouse

Mount Egmont/Mount Taranaki is an active but quiescent volcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island.  It has two official names under the alternative names polity of the New Zealand Geographic Board.
Cape Egmont Lighthouse:  Originally erected on Mana Island, it was moved to Cape Egmont in 1877.

Cape Egmont1865 (relocated to this site in 1881). Active; focal plane 33 m (109 ft); white flash every 8 s. 20 m (65 ft) round cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, painted white; lantern roof is black. The original 1st order Fresnel lens, removed in 2000, is now displayed in a 2/3 replica of the lighthouse at Warea. Dave Young’s photo is at right, Mike Hollman has a fine 2009 photo, J.J. Brophy has a good photo, Mel Hodgkinson has another photo, Phillips has photos, and Bing has a satellite view. The Taranaki volcano stands behind the lighthouse in the Hollman and Brophy photos. Prefabricated in England by McLean, Simpson and Co., the lighthouse was first constructed on Mana Island near Wellington, but its light was confused with that of the Pencarrow Head Light. The tower was relocated to Cape Egmont in 1877, but was not activated there until 1881. A sibling of the Tiritiri Matangi Light, the lighthouse marks the southwesternmost point of North Island and the northwestern entrance to Cook Strait. Located at the end of Cape Road near Pungarehu. Site open, tower closed. Operator/site manager: Maritime New Zealand. ARLHS NZL-007; Admiralty K4088; NGA 4788. -The Lighthouse Directory

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Ancient Gongchen Bridge

China - Ancient Gongchen Bridge

Ancient Gongchen Bridge

China - Ancient Gongchen Bridge stamps

Windmills in the Fog

Netherlands - Windmills in the Fog

Windmills in the Fog

Netherlands - Windmills in the Fog stamps

Full Moon

Germany - Full Moon in the Trees

Germany - Full Moon in the Trees stamps


Spain -Caceres Street and Donkey

A Street in Cáceres, Spain

Spain -Caceres Street and Donkey stamps

Rio–Antirrio Bridge

Greece - Rio–Antirrio bridge

Rio–Antirrio Bridge or  Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge

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Greece - Rio–Antirrio bridge stamps 2

Catherdrals of the Moscow Kremlin

Russia - Cathedrals of Moscow KremlinCathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin

Russia - Cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin stamps


Icefire Glassworks

USA - Oregon - IceFire Glassworks

Icefire Glassworks
Sale Begins August 31, 2013

USA - Oregon - IceFire Glassworks back

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

USA - Florida - Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse
Jupiter, Florida

 Jupiter Inlet1860 (George G. Meade) Active; focal plane 146 ft (44.5 m); two white flashes every 30 s, flashes separated by 7.7 s. 105 ft (32 m) brick tower, painted brick red; lantern painted black. The original rotating 1st order Fresnel lens remains in use. The principal keeper’s house burned in 1927, but there is a small museum in the oil house. A photo is at right, Anderson’s pagehas good photos and a historical account, Trabas has a photo, has excellent aerial photos, and Google has a satellite view. This lighthouse is the oldest building in Palm Beach County. The state and Coast Guard carried out a major renovation of the tower during 1999-2000, during which archaeologists discovered the light is built on an Indian mound.Lighthouse Digest has a story on the restoration and the history of the light station. In August 2004 the tower was closed to climbing to replace about 50 stairway brackets; it reopened late in the year. However, Hurricane Jeanne sandblasted the paint from the upper portion of the tower, and in October 2005 the light was temporarily extinguished for repairs. It reopened in December. In 2008, the light station and its surroundings were designated an Outstanding Natural Area, and in 2009 the lighthouse received $1 million in federal stimulus funding, roughly half for lighthouse maintenance and improvements and half for habitat restoration in the natural area. The 150th anniversary of the lighthouse was celebrated in January 2010. Located on the east side of US 1 and the north side of Jupiter Inlet. Site and tower open to guided tours daily except Mondays (admission fee). Owner: U.S. Coast Guard. Site manager: Loxahatchee River Historical Society. ARLHS USA-411; Admiralty J2922; USCG 3-0725 -The Lighthouse Directory

USA - Florida - Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse stamps


Netherlands - Marken


Greetings from Marken, Netherlands

 Marken (Paard van Marken) (2)1839 (J. Valk). Station established 1700. Active; focal plane 16 m (53 ft); white light occulting once every 8 s. 15.5 m (51 ft) round brick tower with lantern and gallery, attached to a 2-story keeper’s house. Lighthouse painted white; lantern dome is red. A photo is at right, the Anke/Jens site has a photo, has aerial photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a satellite view. Because of its profile as seen from a distance, the lighthouse is traditionally called het paard van Marken (the horse of Marken). The original lighthouse was one of the siblings of De Ven Light. In the winter, northeast winds funnel ice down the IJsselmeer toward the lighthouse, sometimes endangering the buildings; the original keeper’s house was destroyed by ice in 1879, the present keeper’s house was heavily damaged in 1900, and in 1971 ice reached the roof of the keeper’s house. A photo showing ice around the lighthouse is available. The lantern was replaced in 1992, and the fog horn was deactivated in 2001. Located at the eastern tip of the island of Marken, in the Markermeer about 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Amsterdam. The island is accessible by a causeway. Site open; tower also open on occasion but we do not know the schedule. ARLHS NET-017; NL-1684. – The Lighthouse Directory

Netherlands - Marken stamps

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