Felted Flowers

Sweden - Felted Flowers

Sweden - Felted Flowers stamps


Sweden - Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden - Stockholm stamps

St Lucia Day

Sweden - Christmas Angel


St Lucia Day – Sweden

Sweden - Christmas Angel stamps

Map of Sweden

Sweden - Map card


Map of Sweden

Sweden - Map card stamps

Ale’s Stones

Sweden - Ales stenar


Ale’s Stones (or Ales stenar in Swedish)
is a megalithic monument in Scania in southern Sweden. It consists of a stone ship 67 m long formed by 59 large boulders of sandstone, weighing up to 1.8 tonnes each. According to Scanian folklore, a legendary king called King Ale lies buried there.

Sweden - Ales stenar stamps Germany

Kittens in Paradise


Kittens in Paradise

Sune Jonsson – Swedish documentary photographer and writer

Azalea – Carl Larssen

Azalea by Carl Larssen

Azalea, by Carl Larsson (1906), shows Karin Larsson with her flowers. The handloom that she used for her textile designs is in the background.  Since the postmark is across the front, another picture can be seen here

Flowers on the Windowsill ~ Carl Larssen

Flowers on the Windowsill ~ Carl Larssen

Windows, Plants and Knitting on the table!

Carl Larssen was a very famous Swedish painter

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

From a Postcrosser from Finland on her vacation

Train on the Djurgårdsbron Bridge

Train on the Djurgårdsbron Bridge

Stockholm, Sweden

Djurgårdsbron (Swedish: “The Djurgården Bridge”) is a bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden. Designed by Carl Fraenell and built for the Stockholm World’s Fair 1897

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