Kakadu National Park Wetland

Australia - Kakadu  NP Wetland

Kakadu National Park Wetland
Northern Territory, Australia
Australia - Kakadu  NP Wetland stamps

Coastal Landscape

USA - Mississippi - Coastal Landscape #2

Coastal Landscape #2, Picture #2
Painting by Patt Odom
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The Platte River

USA - Nebraska - Platte River

The Platte River – Nebraska

Each year the world’s largest concentration of sandhill cranes (some 500,000)
gather on the Platte River “STAGING AREA” during their northward migration.

Thun, Switzerland

Switzerland - Thun

Castle of Thun

Switzerland - Thun stamps

Little Hauken River

USA - New Jersrey - Little Hauken River

Little Hauken River
New Jersey

Storm Clouds

Lithuania - Storm Clouds

The stormy clouds will float away and the clear sky will smile again

Lithuania - Storm Clouds stamps

Hainan Island

China - Hainan Island

Hainan Island, China

China - Hainan Island stamps
Bonus card – from a local restaurant!  YUM!

China - Ribs!

Church Hill

Brazil - Urubici Church Hill

Church Hill
Urubici, Brazil

Brazil - Urubici Church Hill stamps

The Queen’s Head

Taiwan - The Queen's Head

The Queen’s Head
Yehliu, Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan - The Queen's Head stamps

Mountain Belukha

Russia - Altai Mountain Belukha

Mountain Belukha

UNESCO listing, click here

Russia - Altai Mountain Belukha stamps

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