Lindos, Greece

Greece - Rhodes - Londos

Lindos – Harbour of St Paul
Island of  Rhodes, Greece

Rio-Antirio Bridge

Greece - Rio Antririo Bridge

Rio-Antirio Bridge

Unites Peloponnese with western mailand Greece

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Greece - Rio Antririo Bridge stamps

House in Rhodes

Greece - Rhodes

House in Rhodes, Greece

Germany - Norderney Lighthouse stamps

from a postcrosser in Germany


Greece - Parthenon

Athens, Greece
Temple on the Acropolis dedicated to Athena

Greece - Parthenon stamps

Rio–Antirrio Bridge

Greece - Rio–Antirrio bridge

Rio–Antirrio Bridge or  Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge

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Greece - Rio–Antirrio bridge stamps 2

Goat Herd and Herder

Greece - Goats


Goat Herd and Herder
Who invited the Sheep?

Greece - Goats stamps

Byzantine Walls of Thessaloniki

Greece - Thessaloniki Walls


Byzantine Walls
Thessaloniki, Greece

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Greece - Thessaloniki Walls stamps

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