Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse was the first lighthouse authorized by the first U S Congress.  Build in 1791, it lighted the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay until 1881.
Owned by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities as deeded in 1930 by the Congress of the United States.

1792 (John McComb). Inactive since 1881. 90 ft (27.5 m) octagonal sandstone tower with lantern and gallery. Tower unpainted; lantern is silver-colored.  This is the first lighthouse built by the Federal government and one of the best preserved lighthouses of the early Federal period. Recognized as a National Historic Landmark. The interior was restored in 2002. In 2003 the eroded sandstone foundation of the lighthouse was repaired. In August 2011, an earthquake created some cracks in the tower, but engineers determined they were not serious. Located on Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, surrounded byFort Story, an active U.S. Army post.

It was replaced by the New Cape Henry Lighthouse very close by.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Washington, DC

From the top of the monument, each visitor is treated to an unequaled view of the city of Washington.  Visibility can be over 40 miles on a clear day from this, the tallest structure in the city.

For more information about the Monument – click here – this also links you to the closure and earthquake damage information from the August 2011 earthquake.

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Memorial Amphitheater

Memorial Amphitheater

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington, Virginia

The Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery was dedicated on May 15, 1920.  While many ceremonies are conducted throughout the country, many consider the servies at Arlington’s Memorial Amphitheater to be the nation’s official ceremonies to honor all American Service Members who serve to keep the United States free.


Sutter’s Fort

Sutter’s Fort

Sacramento, California

John A Sutter came to this site in 1839,  He completed the fort in a few years.  Sutter obtained the land he had from the Mexican Governor of California.  The fort was an important trading post and was a goal for covered wagon pioneers.  many gold seekers came here on their way to the diggings.  The fort was restored in 1892.

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Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle

Central Park, New York City

Located at West 79th Street on top of Vista Rock, a high point in Central Park affording views of the Park and the City.  The name Belvedere is appropriate for the castle as it means ‘beautiful view’ in Italian

For information about the castle, click here

Flag Factory

Flag Factory

Making United States Flags, 1913

The Byron Collection, Museum of the City of New York

Navajo Indian Art

Navajo Indian Art

“White Buffalo Robe,” a sculpture of Colorado alabaster, is by Boyd Tsosie.  Susie Williams made the dark pottery jar.  Lucy McKlevey the decorated  one.The necklace and belt buckle (left) are by Gibson Nez, the concho belt by Tommy Curtis, and the bracelet with single stone by Bernice Taylor.  The rug at the left was woven by Darlene John, the other by Mary Roanhorse.  The makers of the wedding basket and the bracelet at right are unknown.   – Native American crafts provided by The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona

The Prairies ~ Canada

The Prairies ~ Canada

A beautiful glimpse of the scenic prairie countryside.

Autogiro Airplane by De la Cierva

Wischmann’s Picture Pack Gum

Aeroplane Series

De la Cierva invented the Autogiro in 1920 and made is first successful flight over Spain in 1923.  In 1928, Pitcairn made the first demonstration in the United States.  This plane can ascend straight up in the air and land in the same manner, due to the rotary blade on top.

From Aeroplanes:  30 Vintage Postcards – By John Wischmann
Originally produced as a series of trading cards included in bubble gum packs by the 1920s confectioner Wm. J. Wischmann, these vintage images celebrate the greatest moments of flight’s golden age

Historical Santa Fe Railway Depot ~ Flagstaff, Arizona

Historical Santa Fe Railway Depot

at Flagstaff, Arizona

Station data – click here

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