Wildflowers of Ohio

USA - Ohio - Wildflowers

Ohio’s Wildflowers

Spring Beauty, Common Blue Violet, Wild Columbine, Butterfly Weed,
Jack-in-the-Pulit, Indian Paintbrush, Red Trillium

Mechanicsville Covered Bridge

USA - Ohio - Mechanicsville Covered Bridge

Mechanicsville Covered Bridge
The Mechanicsville Covered Bridge is an impressive sight, resting on cut stone abutments 40 feet above the Grand River.  It is 156 long and has a Howe truss arch made of fifteen layers of two-inch by eight-inch lumber.  It is encased by large beams forming a “X”.  The dark gray weathered wood aiding features three small windows on each side.  Located in Ashtabula Count, Ohio   35-04-18


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Ohio Pasture

USA - Ohio - Barn and Cows

Beautiful Ohio farmland is some of the nation’s most picturesque.

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Ohio Map Card

USA - Ohio - Map card

Ohio Map Card

Extending 225 miles from east to west and 215 miles from north to south, Ohio’s inland location gives the state a continental climate of warm summers and cool winters.  Ohio abounds with state parks, forests and other outdoor recreational areas, as well as resorts, beaches and boating and fishing facilities.  From farmlands to bustling metropolitan cities, Ohio provides its travelers with beautiful memories of scenic wonders.
Capitol: Columbus
Flower: Scarlet Carnation
Bird: Cardinal
Tree:  Ohio Buckeye

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse

USA - Ohio - Toledo Harbor Lighthouse

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse

Toledo Harbor
1904. Active; focal plane 72 ft (22 m); white light, 3 s on, 3 s off. 69 ft (21 m) square brick tower rising from the center of the roof of a 3-story Romanesque buff-colored brick keeper’s house; 300 mm lens. The original Barbier & Benard 3-1/2 order Fresnel lens, removed in the 1995, is on display at the lodge at Maumee Bay State Park. The tower and the building’s roof painted black. A brick fog signal building is attached as an annex to the keeper’s house. Fog horn (blast every 30 s) as needed. C.M. Hanchey’s photo is at right, Becky Snyder has aphoto, a 2009 photo is available, the Coast Guard has a historic photo, Forand has a historic postcard view, and Huelse also has a historic postcard view, but the lighthouse is not shown in Google’s satellite view. This unique and architecturally significant lighthouse was mostly ignored by lighthouse fans and Toledo residents for many years. In 2003, the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society was formed to work for preservation and restoration of the lighthouse. In September 2005, the Society applied to secure ownership of the station under the NHLPA. The application was approved, and the deed was transferred in April 2007. In June 2006, the Lake Erie Protection Fund granted $10,000 towards building a new dock for access to the station. The dock was installed in October 2008, but somehow thieves stole it in April 2009. Plans for the restoration have been completed; the cost may be as much as $2 million. The Fresnel lens, which had been displayed at the Toledo Science Center, was moved to Maumee Bay State Park in May 2008. Located on a stone-filled concrete crib at least 5 km (3 mi) offshore and 13 km (8 mi) northeast of the harbor entrance; there are distant views from the Niles Beach area and Maumee Bay State Park. Accessible only by boat. Site and tower closed except for occasional guided tours. Owner/site manager: Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society. ARLHS USA-853; USCG 7-6030. – The Lighthouse Directory

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Bedford Museum

USA - Ohio - Bedford Museum

The Bedford Museum, Bedford, Ohio

“Built in 1874 as The Bedford Township Hall, the building was the center of governmental and cultural life.  Acquired by The Bedford Historical Society in 1964, it is listed in The National Register of Historical Places.

Hills Bridge

USA - Ohio - Hills Bridge

Hills Bridge, Ohio

Constructed in 1878, the Hills Bridge is one of many covered wooden bridges still in existence in Ohio.
This bridge spans the Little Muskingum River in Washington County.

Bridge Number 35-84-24

Roebling Suspension Bridge

Roebling Suspension Bridge

Cincinnati, Ohio

John A Roebling designed bothe this suspension bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge was completed in 1867 and connects Cincinnati with Northern Kentucky.

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Roebling Suspension Bridge

Roebling Suspension Bridge
Cincinnati, Ohio

John A Roebling designed both this suspension bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge was completed in 1867 and connects Cincinnati with Northern Kentucky.

Ohio Map

Hello from Ohio

State Bird:  Cardinal

State Flower:  Red Carnation

Cutout of the state shape in lower right.

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