Canberra, Australia

Australia - Canberra

Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory, Australia
With its tasteful balance of green spaces and monumental style,
Canberra fully deserves its title as Australia’s ‘bush capital’.

Clockwise from left – Male Emu with chicks, Parliament House,
Northern Corroboree Fong, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Gang-gang Cockatoo

Australia - Camberra stamps


Netherlands - Amsterdam Multi

Netherlands - Amsterdam Multi stamps

Bremen Townhall

Germany - Bremen Townhall

Bremen Townhall ~ 1847

Germany - Bremen Townhall laceGift of Old Lace

Germany - Bremen Townhall stamps


Malaysia - Putrajaya

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Malaysia - Putrajaya stamps

Stefan Liebich

Germany - ad card and train


I had no idea who this was and the sender didn’t bother to tell me.
I Googled him to discover he is a politician.

Germany - ad card and train stamps

Tiananmen Square

China - Tiananmen Square aerial

Tiananmen Square

China - Tiananmen Square aerial stamps from HongKong

Office of the President

Taiwan - President's Office

Office of the President
Taipei City, Taiwan

Taiwan - President's Office stamps

Elblag Townhall

Poland - Elblag TownhallElblag TownHall, Poland

Poland - Elblag Townhall stamps


House with Chimaeras

Ukraine - House with Chimera


House with Chimeras

Now used as the Presidential Residence

For more information, click here

Ukraine - House with Chimera stamps

Corn Exchange in Samana, Russia

Russia -Samarra Corn Exchange Building

Corn Exchange in Samana, Russia

Russia -Samarra Corn Exchange Building stamps

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