Vilniaus University – Lithuania

Lithuania - Vilnius University

Lithuania - Vilnius University stamps

Katowice by Night

Poland - Katowice at night



Building is currently used as a high schoolPoland - Katowice at night stamps

Moscow University – Main Building

Russia - Moscow University Main Bldg

Moscow University – Main Building

Russia - Moscow University Main Bldg stamps

Happy Birthday

USA - California - Foothill Birthday 2013

Happy Birthday Foothill Alumni

Hertford Bridge

UK - Oxford - Hertford Bridge

Hertford Bridge
Oxford’s Bridge of Sighs

UK - Oxford - Hertford Bridge stamps

Oxford Map

UK - Oxford Map


UK - Oxford Map stamps

Oxford Glimpses

UK - Oxford Multiview


UK - Oxford Multiview stamps

Yale University

USA - Connecticut - Yale University


Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

View of Yale’s Cross Campus with Sterling Memorial Library in the background.

USA - Connecticut - Yale University stmaps

First School in Utena, Lithuania

First School in Utena, Lithuania

photo c. 1920

The Faces of Foothill

The Faces of Foothill

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