Sheep in the Snow

Estonia - Sheep in Winter

Sheep in the Snow in Estonia

Winter Scene in Russia

Russia - Winter Snow

Russia - Winter Snow stamps

Frozen Falls at Starved Rock State Park

USA - Illinois - Frozen Falls Starved Rock State Park

Frozen Falls at Starved Rock State Park
The beauty of winter is best seen in the frozen waterfalls of Starved Rock State Park.  Formations vary based on precipitation and temperature.  Canyons pictured clockwise:  Kaskaskia, St Louis, Ottawa, and Tonti

USA - Illinois - Frozen Falls Starved Rock State Park stamps

The Cathedral of Michael the Archangel

Russia - Moscow - Cath Michael Archangel

The Cathedral of Michael the Archangel
Moscow, Russia

Russia - Moscow - Cath Michael Archangel stamps

Spring in the Altai Mountains

Russia - Altai Mountains Spring

Spring in the Altai Mountains

Russia - Altai Mountains Spring stamps

Lake Mashu in Winter

Japan - Lake Matsu Winter

Lake Mashu in Winter

Japan - Lake Matsu Winter stamps

Mount Egmont/Mount Taranaki and Cape Egmont Lighthouse

New Zealand - Mount Egmont and Lighthouse

Mount Egmont/Mount Taranaki and Cape Egmont Lighthouse

Mount Egmont/Mount Taranaki is an active but quiescent volcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island.  It has two official names under the alternative names polity of the New Zealand Geographic Board.
Cape Egmont Lighthouse:  Originally erected on Mana Island, it was moved to Cape Egmont in 1877.

Cape Egmont1865 (relocated to this site in 1881). Active; focal plane 33 m (109 ft); white flash every 8 s. 20 m (65 ft) round cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, painted white; lantern roof is black. The original 1st order Fresnel lens, removed in 2000, is now displayed in a 2/3 replica of the lighthouse at Warea. Dave Young’s photo is at right, Mike Hollman has a fine 2009 photo, J.J. Brophy has a good photo, Mel Hodgkinson has another photo, Phillips has photos, and Bing has a satellite view. The Taranaki volcano stands behind the lighthouse in the Hollman and Brophy photos. Prefabricated in England by McLean, Simpson and Co., the lighthouse was first constructed on Mana Island near Wellington, but its light was confused with that of the Pencarrow Head Light. The tower was relocated to Cape Egmont in 1877, but was not activated there until 1881. A sibling of the Tiritiri Matangi Light, the lighthouse marks the southwesternmost point of North Island and the northwestern entrance to Cook Strait. Located at the end of Cape Road near Pungarehu. Site open, tower closed. Operator/site manager: Maritime New Zealand. ARLHS NZL-007; Admiralty K4088; NGA 4788. -The Lighthouse Directory

New Zealand - Mount Egmont and Lighthouse stampsYear of the Snake stamp and Matching Stamp to card!!!

Catherdrals of the Moscow Kremlin

Russia - Cathedrals of Moscow KremlinCathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin

Russia - Cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin stamps


Murmansk Railway Station and Vorovski Street

Russia - Murmansk Winter

Murmansk Railway Stationa dn Vorovski Street

Russia - Murmansk Winter stamps


Russia - Snow

Russia - Snow stamps

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