Sellin Pier on Rugen

Germany - Rugen East sea

Sellin Pier on Rugen

Germany - Rugen East sea stamps


Malaysia - Putrajaya

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Malaysia - Putrajaya stamps

Sokjojan – Doksu Palace

Korea - Doksu Palace

Sokjojaan – Doksu Palace
Seoul, Korea

Korea - Doksu Palace stamps

Steam Engine Parade

Poland - Steam Train Wolsztyn

Steam Engine Parade

Poland - Steam Train Wolsztyn stamps

Myrtle Street, Beacon Hill, Boston

USA - Massachusetts - Myrtle St, Beacon Hill, Boston

Myrtle Street, Beacon Hill, Boston

Reverend William Blaxton, Boston’s first resident, lived alone on Beacon Hill for 5 years before settlers arrived in 1622.  Prior to the American Revolution the area was primarily pasture land – the northern slope of the hill was home to John Hancock’s country estate.  The whale-oil beacon that used to warn settlers of foreign invasions is long gone, and today Beacon Hill is an affluent community of 10 thousand.

Little Hauken River

USA - New Jersrey - Little Hauken River

Little Hauken River
New Jersey

A Lazy Postcard from Ukraine

Ukraine - Lazy Postcard


How fun!

Ukraine - Lazy Postcard stamps


China - Comic art

China - Comic art stamps

The Imperial Palace

Japan - the Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace
Main Gate Stone Bridge
which is in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Japan - the Imperial Palace stamps

Fisherman’s Village, Lithuania

Lithuania - Fishermen's Village

Fisherman’s Village at the Curonian Spit National Park


Lithuania - Fishermen's Village stamps

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