Humpback Bridge in Autumn

Russia - Autumn bridge

Humpback Bridge in Autumn
Boldino, Russia
Pushkin Home

Russia - Autumn bridge stamps

Autumn in Hokkaido

Japan - Hokkaido RegionAutumn in Hokkaido

Japan - Hokkaido Region stamps


Park Bench in Autumn

China - Autumn in Park


Park Bench in Autumn

China - Autumn in Park stamps

Moyländer – the castle park in autumn

Germany - Moylander Park


Der Moyländer Schloßpark im Herbst
Moyländer – the castle park in Autumn

Germany - Moylander Park stamps

USA - New York - Central Park


Central Park
New York City

“Central Park covers 843 acres in the center of Manhattan and features many beautiful bridges, lakes and ponds — New York City”

Autumn in Finland

Finland - Autumn


Autumn in Finland

Finland - Autumn stamps

Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Japan - Arashiyama


Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Arashiyama Hill, skirted by the Old River (Hozu River) is a very popular place for viewing cherry blossoms in Spring, the fresh verdure in early summer, scarlet maple leaves in the fall and the snow scene in winter.

Japan - Arashiyama stamps

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