Building in Russia

Russia - Unknown building


Boulevard in Lenin Street

Belarus - Minsk - Lenin Street

Boulevard in Lenin Street
Minsk, Belarus

Belarus - Minsk - Lenin Street stamps

Fountain in Portugal

Portugal - Water Fountain

Fountain in Portugal
Fountains were a source of water, but also a place to gather

Portugal - Water Fountain stamps

Salvador, Brazil

Brazil - Salvador, Bahia night

Salvador, Brazil

Brazil - Salvador, Bahia night stamps

Moscow Architecture

Russia - Moscow Multi

Russia - Moscow Multi stamps 2 Russia - Moscow Multi stamps 1

The Three Brothers

Estonia - Three Brothers

The Three Brothers
Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia - Guild Shop stamp


Sweden - Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden - Stockholm stamps

Stara Zagora

Bulgaria - Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Stara Zagora stamps

The Stone Bridge

Germany - Regensburg Stone Bridge

The Stone Bridge
Die Steinerne Brucke

Regensburg, Germany

The Old Town of Regensburg is a UNESCO site – Click Here

Germany - Regensburg Stone Bridge stamps

Canberra, Australia

Australia - Canberra

Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory, Australia
With its tasteful balance of green spaces and monumental style,
Canberra fully deserves its title as Australia’s ‘bush capital’.

Clockwise from left – Male Emu with chicks, Parliament House,
Northern Corroboree Fong, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Gang-gang Cockatoo

Australia - Camberra stamps

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