Stanislav Range Rear (Adzhiogol) Lighthouse

Stanislav Range Rear (Adzhiogol) Lighthouse

1911 (Vladimir G. Schukov). Active; focal plane 67 m (220 ft); continuous white light, visible only on the range line. 64 m (210 ft) round skeletal tower with lantern, double gallery, enclosed watch room, and central cylinder. Entire lighthouse painted red. The 1-story keeper’s house is built within the base. This remarkable lighthouse is built in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid; from a distance it has a light and graceful appearance that belies its great size. The range guides ships entering the Dnepr River. Located on a concrete pier on a tiny islet off the mouth of the Dnepr, about 2.5 km (1.5 mi) north of Rybalce. Accessible only by boat. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS UKR-102; UA-1001; Admiralty E5149.1; NGA 18092.

Lighthouses of Ukraine Postcard Series #1

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