Sheep in the Snow

Estonia - Sheep in Winter

Sheep in the Snow in Estonia

Sheep with Hat

Germany - Sheep with Hat


Germany - Sheep with Hat stamps

Sheep in Australia

Australia - Sheep

First Day of Issue Card and Stamp
Sheep in Australia

Flock in the Netherlands

Netherlands - Flock of Sheep


Flock of Sheep in the Netherlands

Netherlands - Flock of Sheep stamps

Bighorn Sheep

Canada - Big Horn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep are an admirable symbol of the Canadian Rockies.  These sheep are descendants of mammals that evolved two to three million years ago, reaching North America during an interglacial period.

Canada - Big Horn Sheep stamps

Lambs in Texel

Switzerland - Lambs Sleeping

Switzerland - Lambs Sleeping stamps

Little Lambs

China - Lambs


China - Lambs stamps

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