New England Wilderness National Park

Australia - Five Day Creek - NE Wilderness NP

Five Day Creek
New England Wilderness National Park
New South Wales, Australia

Australia - Five Day Creek - NE Wilderness NP stamps


Czech Republic - Beskydy


Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Beskydy stamps

Zhuhai Park

China - Zhuhai Park


Moraine Lake

Canada - Moraine Lake, Banff

Moraine Lake
Banff National Park, Canada

Canada - Moraine Lake, Banff stamps

Victory Column in Tiergarten

Germany - Berlin

Victory Column in Tiergarten
Berlin, Germany

Germany - Berlin stamps

Tepid Waterfall

Russia - Tepid Waterfall Sochi

Tepid Waterfall
Sochi National Park – Russia

Russia - Tepid Waterfall Sochi stamps

Volkonsky Dolmen

Russia - Dolmens - Sochi NP

Volkonsky Dolmen – Sochi National Park

Volkonsky Dolmen is situate along Lazarevskoe- Sochi highway just 2 km from a village of Soloniki and about 1 km from a Black Sea. This magnificent structure was carved from a single boulder. Inner chamber measures 1.65 mmeters by 1.90 meters by 0.90 meters. The entrance is a hole with a diameter of 0.45 meters and points in the South Eastern direction. It was made by ancient people 3000 years ago. This monolith is situated near a sulfur spring so the smell might be somewhat unpleasant.

Russia - Dolmens - Sochi NP stamps

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