Sellin Pier on Rugen

Germany - Rugen East sea

Sellin Pier on Rugen

Germany - Rugen East sea stamps

Fisherman’s Village, Lithuania

Lithuania - Fishermen's Village

Fisherman’s Village at the Curonian Spit National Park


Lithuania - Fishermen's Village stamps

Happy New Year Australia!

Australia - Sydney New Year

Happy New Year, Australia!
Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Australia - Singer Sewing Machine stamps

Hainan Island

China - Hainan Island

Hainan Island, China

China - Hainan Island stamps
Bonus card – from a local restaurant!  YUM!

China - Ribs!

Porto Santo

Portugal - Porto Santo

Porto Santo
Madiera Isles Archipelago

Portugal - Porto Santo stamps

Boats in Jashanmal Gulf

Kuwait -Jashanmal Gulf


Boats in Jashanmal Gulf, Kuwait

Turkey - Interior of Hagia Sophia stamps from Kuwait


Germany - Bretagne-Frankreich


Germany - Bretagne-Frankreich stamps

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