Music 2012

Music is what feelings sound like.

Without Music Life Would Bflat.

Bamboo Organ

Bamboo Organ ~  Las Piñas City, Philippines

The world’s first organ in the church of San Jose was built in 1817.  It is twelve feet high and has 174 bamboo pipes.

For information about the organ – click here and click here

The Charming Strings

The Charming Strings – Fold Bandura Group

Wear traditional clothes and sing traditional songs.

Noise Singapore 2012

‘Noise Singapore 2012 Festival Showcase” Ad Card

Parker Fly Deluxe Guitar

Parker Fly Deluxe, 1996

Parker Guitars, Wilmington, Massachusetts

Photograph by Michael Tamorrino

Luthier Ken Parker and electronics wizard Larry Fishman combined their talents to design this radically different new instrument.  The Fly incorporates a host of patented space-age technologies: its lightweight poplar body, covered with an extremely strong skin of carbon and glass fiber bonded with epoxy resin, creates sounds never before possible from an electric instrument, while its novel pickup system allows players to mix electric and acoustic sounds in completely new ways.

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