Flag of Canada

Canada - Flag


Flag of Canada

Canada - Flag stamps

Little Mermaid

Denmark - Little Mermaid and Flag

Little Mermaid
100 years old – August 25, 2013

Denmark - Little Mermaid and Flag stamps

The Flag of Denmark

Denmark - Flag

The Flag of Denmark

Denmark - Flag stamps

Ice Fishing Hut

Canada - Ice Fishing Hut

Ice Fishing Hut on
Lake Scugog, Ontario, Canada

Canada - Ice Fishing Hut stamps

Flag of Nova Scotia

Canada - Nova Scotia - Flag

Canada - Nova Scotia - Flag stamps

Battle Flags of the Confederate States of America

Battle Flags of the Conferderate States of America

Battle flags were vital to the soldier; from them he recognized various units and regiments, and knew whether to advance or retreat.  But battle flags were much more, they stood for the southern cause and were an emotional symbol revering those men who had fallen advancing their colors.

Proud to be an American!

Proud to be an American

Cache Valley, Utah

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