Camel Caravan


Schon in der Spur bleiben!

Eine Kamelkarawane in der Sahara

Remain even in the track!
A caravan of camels in the Sahara

Note the goat in the bottom….

The Desert Caravan

The Desert Caravan

Xinjiang Province, China


Australia – a Land of Contrast

Uluru, Northern Territory — Fitzroy Island, Great Barrier Reef

Milaa Milaa Falls, Queensland — Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Totem Pole Column, Monument Valley, Arizona

Totem Pole Column

Monument Valley, Arizona

Navajo Indians herding their sheep and goats.

Interestingly, the goats are mostly crosses between the Angora and the Spanish goat and the sheep are a modern meat goat.

 Totem Pole- “a spire of sandstone rock 450 feet high but only a few meters wide”

Abu Dhabi Desert

Abu Dhabi

The desert – one of the world’s most stunning scenes of natural beauty

Camels in the Taklimakan Desert

Camels in the Taklimakan Desert

Xinjiang Province, China

Taklimakan Desert – click here to read more

Note the matching stamp

Oregon High Desert

Oregon Highw Desert

Just a sampling of the many animals and scenery in the unique Oregon High Desert country.

Top left – Mule Deer  Bottom left – Pronghorn Antelope Right – Black-tailed Jackrabbit

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