Emperor Paul I with his Retinue

Russia - Emperor Paul I

Emperor Paul I with his Retinue
Painting by J B Lampi the Younger, 1802

Russia - Emperor Paul I stamps

With Friends ~ Raija Nokkala

Finland - Nokkala - With Friends

With Friends
Raija Nokkala

Finland - Nokkala - With Friends stamps

Easter Chicks

Estonia - Easter Ducklings

Easter Chicks

Estonia - Viimsi Open Air Museum stamps

Victoria Kirdiy – Cat and Bunnies

Israel - Victoria Kirdiy cat on shelf


Israel - Victoria Kirdiy cat on shelf stamps

Warendorf, Germany

Germany - Warendorf art

Warendorf, Germany
By Dirk Groß

Germany - Warendorf art stamps

Happy Easter from Ostern

Germany - Easter Egg

Germany - Easter Egg stamps


Netherlands - Decoration

Netherlands - Decoration stamps

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