USA - Texas - Armadillo and Bluebonnets

Armadillo and Bluebonnets

Canberra, Australia

Australia - Canberra

Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory, Australia
With its tasteful balance of green spaces and monumental style,
Canberra fully deserves its title as Australia’s ‘bush capital’.

Clockwise from left – Male Emu with chicks, Parliament House,
Northern Corroboree Fong, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Gang-gang Cockatoo

Australia - Camberra stamps


USA- California Julian Bee

Bee – Julian, California

USA- California Julian Bee stamps

Bunny and Chick

Malta - Bunny and Chick

Malta - Bunny and Chick stamps

Koalas and Kangaroos

Australia - Koala and Kangaroo

Koalas and Kangaroos

A young Koala hitches a ride with its mother through the branches of the eucalypts, searching for the tastiest leaves; and Eastern Grey Kanagaroo joey grazes on juicy grass from the comfort of its mother’s pouch.

Australia - Koala and Kangaroo stamps

Bee in Borage

USA - Oregon - Borage and BeeBee in Borage

Branding Cattle in Texas

USA - Texas - Branding

Texas Cattle Branding

USA - Texas - Branding stamps

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