Boulevard in Lenin Street

Belarus - Minsk - Lenin Street

Boulevard in Lenin Street
Minsk, Belarus

Belarus - Minsk - Lenin Street stamps

Little Insurgents in Poland

Poland - Young Insurgents

Little Insurgents in Poland 1944

The children who fought in WWII

Insurgents “Rybak” and “Kajtek”
Young Freedom Fighters Monument in Zolborz
Young Freedom Fighters Monument
Young Insurgents

Poland - Young Insurgents stamps


Russia - Fabrics

Russia - Fabrics stamps

Emperor Paul I with his Retinue

Russia - Emperor Paul I

Emperor Paul I with his Retinue
Painting by J B Lampi the Younger, 1802

Russia - Emperor Paul I stamps

The Marriage of Rigault d’Oureille and Catherine de Rance

USA - Z - French Tapestry

The Marriage of Rigault d’Oureille and Catherine de Rance
Detail, French, ca 1476, wool
Virgina Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond

Happy Birthday!

Bulgaria - Happy Birthday

Bulgaria - Happy Birthday stamps

Kakadu National Park Wetland

Australia - Kakadu  NP Wetland

Kakadu National Park Wetland
Northern Territory, Australia
Australia - Kakadu  NP Wetland stamps

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