Pellworm Lighthouse

Germany - Pellworm Lighthouse

North Sea Lighthouse Pellworm

Pellworm (Oberfeuer)1907. Active; focal plane 38 m (125 ft); white or red light, depending on direction, occulting once every 5 s. 41 m (135 ft) round cast iron tower with lantern and double gallery, mounted on a 1-story concrete base. Lighthouse painted red with one white horizontal band; lantern, watch room, and galleries painted black. Fresnel lens in use. 2-story keeper’s house is used as a registrar’s office; this lighthouse, like Westheversand, is popular for weddings. Markus Schmid’s photo is at right, Trabas has a closeup photo, Wikimedia has photos, hasaerial photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a satellite view. The lighthouse is practically identical to the Hörnum and Westheversand lighthouses. Located on the south side of the island of Pellworm, guiding ships into the harbor. Site open, tower open for climbing Monday through Wednesday during the summer season. Operator: WSA Tönning. ARLHS FED-187; Admiralty B1676.1; NGA 10612. -The Lighthouse Directory

Germany - Pellworm Lighthouse stamps

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