Corsewall Lighthouse

Scotland - Corsewall Lighthouse

Corsewall Lighthouse
Stranraer, Scotland

 Corsewall1817 (Robert Stevenson). Active; focal plane 34 m (112 ft); five white flashes every 30 s. 34 m (112 ft) round masonry tower with lantern and gallery, attached to 2-story keeper’s house. Lighthouse painted white with buff trim; lantern painted black. The keeper’s house has been converted into a small hotel. A photo by Mary and Angus Hogg is at right (note that the Irish coast is on the horizon to the left of the lighthouse), W.F. Millar has a good photo, Newman has excellent photos, Trabas has aphoto by Ian Wright, Wikimedia has several photos, has fine aerial photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a satellite view. This is the landfall light for ferries from Larne and Belfast to Stranraer. In early 2008 the lighthouse and hotel were listed for sale. Located on the northern tip of the Rhins of Galloway about 8 km (5 mi) northwest of Kirkholm. Accessible by road. Site open, tower closed. Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board. Site manager: Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel. ARLHS SCO-052; Admiralty A4604; NGA 4796. -The Lighthouse Directory

New Zealand - Cape Egmont Lighthouse from Germany

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