Boston Light

USA - Massachusetts - Boston Light

Boston Light

 Boston (2)1783 (oldest U.S. light station, established 1716). Active; focal plane 102 ft (31 m); white flash every 10 s. 89 ft (27 m) round rubblestone tower with lantern and gallery (raised from 75 ft (23 m) in 1859), rotating 2nd order Fresnel lens (1859). Tower painted white, lantern black. Fog horn (2 blasts every 30 s). Recently restored 2-story Victorian wood keeper’s house (1884), fog signal building (1876), oil house (1889), and other buildings. A photo is at right, Anderson has an excellent page for the lighthouse, Trabas has a photo, has aerial photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Bing has an aerial view. This light tower replaced the first U.S. lighthouse (1716), which was blown up by retreating British troops in 1776 (a 1719 fog cannon survives from the earlier light station). It is the second oldest U.S. lighthouse (after Sandy Hook, New Jersey) and it was the last U.S. lighthouse to be automated (1998). Power for the light now comes from a wind turbine in Hull. One of the most famous of all U.S. lighthouses, it is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. This is also the only light station still staffed–purely as a light station–by the Coast Guard, although a number of other lighthouses are located on the grounds of active Coast Guard stations. Historic Boston, Inc., and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management have sponsored restoration of the light station. Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands schedules boat tours to the lighthouse in season; check the Little Brewster Islandpage for details. Located on Little Brewster Island north of Hull. Accessible only by boat. Site open, tower open to guided tours. Owner/site manager: U.S. Coast Guard. ARLHS USA-073; Admiralty J0314; USCG 1-0425. -The Lighthouse Directory

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