Moscow Kremlin

Russia - Moscow Kremlin
Moscow Kremlin

Assumption Cathedral, the former Principle church in Russia.  Built on the pattern of Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir (12c) by the Italian architect Alberti (called Aristotle by his contemporaries) in 1475-79 by order of Ivan III.  The left:  Hall of Facets – the oldest preserved civil building in Moscow, which was part of the Grand Duke’s Palace.  The construction of the chamber started in 1487 under the supervision of Marco Ruffo (also known under the name of Marco Fryazin) and was completed in 1491 by Pietro Antonia Solari.  In the background, between the cathedral and the camber are the domes of Verkhospassky Cathedral (built by Bazhen Ogurtsov, Trefil Sharutin, Antip Konstantinov, Larion Ushakov in the 17th c) and Rizpholozheye Church (built by masters from Pskov in 1486-88),  The latter was the house-church of Moscow Patriarchs and metropolitans before Cathedral of Twelve Apostles was built.  To the right of Assumption Cathedral are Patriarch Chambers built at the time of Patriarch Nicon by Averkij makeev, David Okhlebinin and Antip Kostantinov in 1653-55.

Russia - Art Card with cat stamps


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