Ameland Lighthouse

Netherlands  - Ameland Lighthouse

Ameland Lighthouse

 Ameland (Bornrif) (2)1881 (Quirinius Harder) (station established 1876). Active; focal plane 58 m (190 ft); three white flashes, separated by 2.8 s, every 15 s. 55 m (181 ft) round cast iron tower with lantern and double gallery, painted with red and white horizontal bands. Trabas has a great photo by Klaus Kern, a 2007 closeup is available. has aerial photos, Huelse has a historicpostcard view, and Google has a satellite view. The lighthouse was prefabricated by Nering Bögel in Deventer. The 2nd order Fresnel lens in use was used at Goedereede 1908-1912 and then at Westhoofd from 1912 to 1940; it was installed at Ameland in 1952. The lantern was replaced in 1988; the original lantern is mounted above the entrance to the Maritiem Centrum Abraham Fock in Hollum. Sjaak Elzinga has a closeup photo of the lantern, another photo is available, and Bing has a satellite view. In 2004, ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the municipality of Ameland. The original light here was described as an “iron stand.” Located in Hollum at the western end of the island of Ameland; the island, a popular tourist destination, is accessible by ferry from Holwerd. Site open; tower is open for climbing but the schedule is not available. ARLHS NET-001; NL-2162; Admiralty B0920; NGA 9990. -The Lighthouse Directory

Netherlands  - Ameland Lighthouse stamos



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